Language Section

The Languages

The Language Center has as its core business the task of maintaining, revitailising and restoring the Indigenous languages of the Barkly Region of the Northern Territory of Australia.
The Languages are:
Warumungu Warlpiri Alyawarr Kayetye Warlmanpa Wakaya Mudburra Wambaya Jingili Kudanji Ngarnga Binbinga Garrawa Yanyuwa Waanyi Mara
To achieve these outcomes the Language Center is working on recording via a variety of means including written, audio, visual and new media technologies, the languages and cultural practices of the people of the Barkly.

Cultural Awareness/Cross Cutural Courses

For government departments and corporate organisations we can run cross cultural courses to outline some of the cultural differences that may impact upon their organisations when dealing with or employing indigenous peoples.

Interpreter Services

Conducted in conjunction with the Abiriginal Interpreter Service the Language Center can supply interpreters for court appearances and to help with legal matters. Interpreters conducting this work have completed interpreter training. In addition we can supply interpreters to assist communication with medical services and other functions of government if required.


To enable effective communication between indigenous peoples and government and corporate services we have teams of indigenous people who can mediate or liase between indigenous people and your organisation to allow for effective communication or resolve disputes.

Translation Services

The Language Center can transalte your message into both written and oral forms to enable you to effectively get your message out to indigenous people. English is a second language to many of the people of the Barkly and we would like to assist you in getting your message across