Elliott Attendance one of the highest for the year

Posted on: 3 June 2022, 6:48pm

Elliott Primary School last week celebrated with

families and children from the community the great

attendance they have been recording over the past few


The attendance has been high and at time have had over

60 children attending regularly.

So, to celebrate and thank everyone for the great work

that has been put into the improved attendance numbers,

the Yellow Shirts supplied a great feast and prizes to make

the day even better for all who attended on Friday.

Elliott Primary School Principal Kevin Gaskin the day was

a great success with over 40 families turning up to join in

the celebrations.

The effort that all the staff, Yellow Shirts and families put

in to get the kids to school is paying off and we are having

higher numbers each week.

We are now all aiming to have over 80 per cent or more

attending every day.

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