Biosecurity COVID restrictions result in low attendance

Posted on: 10 February 2022, 8:42pm

The return to school has been met with uncertain times COVID-19 hitting the Barkly Region and the Biosecurity zones in place across our communities.

School attendance has been very low across most of the Barkly schools.
If you are currently isolating due to COVID requirements please notify the schools or fill out the forms when the Yellow Shirts are around to inform the school of your child absent.
Department of Education staff at all schools have been ensuring they are able to provide a safe environment. Yellow Shirt crew are currently up-to-date with vaccinations and most have received their booster shots or will have by Monday.
We would like to give a shoutout to Anyinginyi Health Aboriginal Corporation staff for providing the vaccination service to us over the past few weeks and congratulate them for the great work they do.
We encourage everyone to stay safe and look after each other – so all can return to school to learn!
The biosecurity restrictions are in place until the end of next Thursday.

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