About Us

Our Logo

In 2001 Papulu Apparr-kari Aboriginal Corporation held a competition to design a new logo for our use in all aspects of our organisation.  The competition was a great success and attracted many applicants.  The designs were judged, and all applicants’ names were withheld until the decision was made and the best design chosen by the judges.  To everyone’s surprise when the envelope was opened for the design that was chosen, that it was Mrs. Judy Nixon’s.  

The logo was then given to our media section to work on to make it ready for production use and it has been utilised since that day on all our uniforms, documents, and publications.  We are proud to wear the logo that was designed by such an inspirational woman.

Papulu Apparr-Kari Aboriginal Corporation (The Language Center) PAK is dedicated to keeping the memory of Mrs. Judy Nakkamarra Nixon alive and strong within our organisation and the wider community.  A prominent Indigenous woman in Tennant Creek, Mrs. Nixon and her family members were involved in the establishment of many organisations and businesses that are still in operation today.

Mrs. Nixon and her family members were an integral part of establishing the Language Centre, and they continued to be key members and dedicated employees today.   Mrs. Nixon was a founding member, serving in the Governing Board to provide guidance and direction.  She began to work fulltime for the Language Center in 1997 until her passing in July 2013.  Her tireless work alongside her elders is the reason we have such publications as the Warumungu Dictionary and a Learners Guide to Warumungu, amongst many others.

In 2019 PAK established the Mrs. Nakkamarra Nixon award for excellence in language preservation, awarded to an individual, family or community for outstanding work in preserving their language and culture. PAK has also named the newly extended training room the Mrs. Nakkamarra Nixon Learning Room, in her honour.

We are committed to keeping her memory alive, as her knowledge and wisdom has and will benefit all for generations to come and we thank Mrs. Nixon’s family for allowing us to continue to use the artwork/logo/products that encompasses everything Papulu Apparr-kari Aboriginal Corporation stands for.

Mrs. Judy Nakkamarra Nixon