About Us

Committee Members

Lennie Barton

Hello, my name is Lennie Barton I am a PAK board member for the Elliott region. I enjoy my role on the PAK board because I get to tell my people what is happening with language back home. My other role in community is on the local authority board, making decisions for the community with the other members it is a good learning experience I would like to see more young people on the board. I’m also the Elliott Parent and Community Engagement worker (PaCE) working at the local school. My role at Elliott school is to help the RSAS team look for kids around the community and talk to parents why their kids are not at school on that day. In the mornings I do two trips around the community with the school bus and pick up kids. I then take the RSAS team around and look for kids that are still asleep or running late for school.

 I also do multimedia in community, recording of language and old stories from around the Elliott region. I feel it is very important to get the recording before it is lost.

Rod Wason

Hi my name is Rod Wason.  I was born in Mareeba Queensland; I came to Tennant Creek for five day and ended up being still here 18 years later.  In the past I have worked for Julalikari disability, HAAC and Homemakers for three years.  I then became a member of Papulu Apparr-Karri Language Center staff as CDEP Supervisor for the men and then went on loan to the Tennant Creek High School, for about three months and ended up getting a full time position as an Aboriginal and Islander Education Worker, a position in which I worked until 2016, before enjoying my retirement.

I have in the past been the chairperson or the deputy chairperson for the Language Center for a number of years and have thoroughly enjoyed working in both positions.

Rose Graham

I’m a Warumungu woman, a Traditional Owner of the land. My family has strong connections to our community and land, they are founding members of PAK. Preservation of culture and our old ways is very important to me, to be able to leave something for my family.

Joseph Williams

I’m a proud Warumungu man, I am the third generation in my family to serve on Papulu Apparr-kari’s governing board. I live in Tennant Creek and currently work at Nyinkka Nyunyu. Myself and my family both have strong ties to the Barkly and to PAK, with many of my family being founding members.

Ronald Plummer

I’m a Warumungu Traditional Owner and have lived my whole life in the Barkly region. Myself and my family keep deep ties to the people of the Barkly and to keeping the community strong. I am currently a councillor for the Barkly regional Council and along with serving on many boards, I have been on PAK’s governing board for the past three years.

Derek Walker

Hi, my name is Derek Walker and I was born and bred in the Barkly region. I love that families live close together in the Barkly
and look forward to working toward the common goal of making the community even

Maxine Wallace

Hi my name is Maxine Wallace I am a Governing Committee Member of Papulu

Apparr-kari Aboriginal Corporation. I am committed to keeping language strong within
the Barkly region.

Joy Priest

Frankie Curtis

A local Arrernte man, Frank Curtis served the people of central Australia for a period of twenty years in his role as an Aboriginal Community Police Officer, Frank helped to develop a Youth rehabilitation camp at Umbussa Amurra outstation. Frank enjoys working with young people to build up their self-esteem and confidence. He strives to instill in these youth a vision that someday they will end up being leaders of their country. Frank is passionate about finding ways for Aboriginal people to return to country and live on their homelands.

Bruce Nelson