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Media Production Unit (Pak media)



Pak Media is the support unit for the language development branch, having the responsibility for taking the work of our language workers and publishing this work in a wide variety of multimedia and print formats. We endeavour to produce as much in-house as we can, enabling indigenous control over our languages and the way they are recorded and presented to the world.


Pak media designs and publishes all of our indigenous story books. These books come with an accompaning CD which has an audio version of the story as a pdf in both language and english. Some selected titles also come with an animation version of the story. These CD's are formated for both Mac and Win computers utilising Acrobat reader version 6 or greater and Quicktime 6 or later for the animations.
We also produce a range of DVD/video documentaries highlighting indigenous cultural pratices.

Pak Media Commercial Services

Pak media also offers a range of media production services and we are moving towards developing a media business enterprise. Our services include:

  • Digital Video Production in mini DV, DVC Pro, or DV Cam or HD formats
  • Digital Video editing services using Apple's Final Cut Pro
  • Digital Photographic services
  • Multimedia CD development
  • Graphic Arts design
  • Print media design and publishing
  • Digital printing production services
  • Wide range of Promotional Products to help promote or advertise your business

Talk to us about your next print job or publishing requirements.

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