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Mudburra, Wambaya, Walrmanpa & Warumungu Environment readers recently completed






Mary-ruth from ALNF working with members of the Warlmanpa Community




Small participant numbers are a key feature of the Cross Culture Program


Environment Series Covers Eight Languages

Our Environment Reader Series has now been produced in eight of our regions languages. These readers are an important step in developing appealing resources by which people can begin to learn language as they are not just a book but have an audio book file included.

In addition they provide a unique look at the differences and similarities in languages that are from a similar geographical region. We believe such a comparism across so many languages is quite unique.

Each of these eight lanaguages is alive and being spoken in their respective communities. In some cases the number of speakers may be small but these books and CD's help preserve these languages and pass knowledge on for future generations. Narrow academic defintions of what constitutes living languages may make our task more difficult, but we will continue to make sure the lanagues of our region are available for future genreations.



Body Parts Series Commenced

The first of the body parts series of books has been completed in the Warumungu language with the final touches to Warlmanpa, Wambaya and Mudburra near completion. These 45 page readers cover basic body part words and is hoped they will be both useful for language learners and for those who work in the medical profession who may need to learn a few language words to better herlp communicate with their patients.

It is planned to produce these across all our viable languages so the series could be upwards of 10 langauges. We see these readers and their audio book files on CD as a major way of keeping the languages preserved and living for future generations.


Warlmanpa First Language Literacy Development

In August we were able to continue work on the first language literacy development project with our partners on this project The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation. Mary-Ruth Mendel from ALNF worked with members of the Warlmanpa Community to continue fine tuning the Warlmanpa dictionary so as to get it prepared for publication in the near future. In addition the group worked on recording the phoneme structure of the words to further develop the resources needed to assist the future teaching of the language through the process being developed as part of the first language literacy project. This work is seen as essential to enabling the systems that could see the teaching of Warlmanpa in schools in the future.




Cross Culture Course Gets Positive Review

The recent cross culture course held for employees from Barkly Shire Council and Barkly Arts has recieved some very positive reviews from particpants with many commenting that they wished it could have been longer. We do offer a 2 day version of the course, but due to time restraints few employers can release their staff for this time period.

All participants recognised the need and worthwhile natutre of the course to them in the day to day execution of their duties for their employers.

The course size is kept intentionally small (12 maximum) so as to promote healthy inteaction and discussion between particpants and presenters. We wish not only that participants gain an insight into our culture and how this may impact the wider society, but also we view the ability for participants to ask about how aspects of traditional cultural values will impact on their employees or client groups, as integral to the course.




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