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CDEP earns rollover funding for 2007-2008

The Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (DEWR) will not require Papulu Apparr-kari to apply for funding for its CDEP program in 2007-08 as we have been offered a rollover of our funding for this period.

We see this as recognition of the hard work work put in by Papulu Apparr-kari in meeting the requirements for funding over the past years. CDEP has gone through very significant changes and we have attempted to respond to these changes as best we can, so our participants can maximise the outcomes that the changes have attempted to deliver for them.

We have been striving to achieve significant improvements for our participants, particularly in training, and this will continue to be a major focus over the next 12 months. In addition we have been very pleased with the level of full time employment we have managed to obtain for some of our CDEP participants. We will continue to seek maximum benefits for our participants and real employment outcomes such as those that relate to the Town Council SRA will continue to be explored.

Papulu Apparr-kari was one of only four CDEP's in the Northern Territory to be offered rollover funding.

Trailer Manufacture Proceeds

Our CDEP men have moved a step closer towards making a trailer manufacturing business a reality by completing the next stage of their Engineering Certificates with Charles Darwin University, and completing another series of trailers. In the process they obtained skills and experiences that will improve their work readiness and make them more competive in the search for full time employment.

It is planned to have the Language Center facilitate the establishment of a metal fabrication and trailer manufacturing business that will eventually be sold off to the particpants as a viable independant business, gaining economic independance and full time work for those involved.

The continuing training through Charles Darwin University has always had economic independance and the development of employment ready skills for its participants as its primary focus. Continued training will occur in 2007 when it is hoped the initial stages of the business development plan will commence.

In the short term if you have an interest in a strong, robust, built outback tough trailer for your organisation or yourself, then contact us to obtain a quote for your custome bulit and designed trailer on 08 89623270.

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