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The award won by ALNF for their First Language Project.










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The three new Warlpiri books

Warumungu Language Project Wins Major Award

Papulu Apparr-kari would like to congratulate the ALNF on achieving this award. It is recognition for the hard work put in by the ALNF and our Language Workers here at PAK.

In December 2006 Ethical Investor held their 6th Australian Sustainability Awards in Sydney - at this function Givewell announced the winner of their 2006 Best Community Project Award.
For the design and delivery of their First Language Reading Course, the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation were the winners of this year's Best Community Project Award.

Project description:
Literacy and Numeracy are the essential building blocks for the broader educational achievement that allows us to participate fully in community life. The First Language Reading Course enables the development of pre-literacy skills in first language, these skills have been shown to be an essential component in building the neurological pathways that lead to effective general literacy skills. Additionally the work of the ALNF is playing an important part in the preservation of threatened indigenous languages.

Project details:
This project provides accredited literacy course work in English to classroom teachers and in First Language to teachers' aides in Central Australia.
The Remote School Project is now in its second year and since its inception has delivered:

English WRAP Literacy Course - Certificate I, II and IV (total of 50 participants).

Development of Warumungu WRAP Literacy Course - Certificate I in collaboration with the Warumungu Elders responsible for language. This is of significant importance to the Warumungu speakers as it is the first time that they have had WRAP multi sensory literacy instruction and the accompanying instructional resources to a) learn to read and write in Warumungu b) to teach reading, writing and spelling to their children.
Ttemplate for transferral of endangered and other Indigenous languages into WRAP Literacy Course work. This is a significant development, as it will provide a format for other languages to be converted into literacy course work adaptation of Wambaya (Endangered Language) into WRAP Literacy Course work

Adaptation of Warlpiri into WRAP Literacy Course work. This is currently being presented to the elders responsible for the Warlpiri language for their approval.

Support of teachers from Tennant Creek and remote schools with videos of WRAP instruction in a classroom situation and demonstration lessons and peer support lessons at Tennant Creek High School.

Approval of testing recommended by ACER (Australian Council of Educational Research) to document and measure the literacy results and how they measure up against the various state and national bench marks.

Development and production of the DVD Talking Indigenous Language Books in Warumungu, Wambaya and Warlpiri languages

Full details at: Givewell

Nov/Dec 2006

Trailer Manufacture Proceeds

Our CDEP men have moved a step closer towards making a trailer manufacturing business a reality by completing the next stage of their Engineering Certificates with Charles Darwin University, and completing another series of trailers. In the process they obtained skills and experiences that will improve their work readiness and make them more competive in the search for full time employment.

It is planned to have the Language Center facilitate the establishment of a metal fabrication and trailer manufacturing business that will eventually be sold off to the particpants as a viable independant business, gaining economic independance and full time work for those involved.

The continuing training through Charles Darwin University has always had economic independance and the development of employment ready skills for its participants as its primary focus. Continued training will occur in 2007 when it is hoped the initial stages of the business development plan will commence.

In the short term if you have an interest in a strong, robust, built outback tough trailer for your organisation or yourself, then contact us to obtain a quote for your custome bulit and designed trailer on 08 89623270.


New Warlpiri Books Launched

The three Warlpiri booklets include two stories, Miyi kirli manu Kuyi kurlu, and Nyampuju Ngarrka, and a word reader based around the environment called Nguru. All three feature the art work of indigenous artist John Henry Raymond. Once again all three publications include an audio pdf file on CD including the stories in both Warlpiri and English. The Warlpiri translations and narrations are supplied by Millie James and for the first time Barabara Walker supplies the audio for Nguru.

Promoting pride in their Warlpiri heritage and making language and stories accessible to the young people is a major aim of the language center. We acknowledge the support of the Commonwealth Government in assisting these publications.

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