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Certificate 1 in Catering, one of many successful training programs run under our CDEP


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CDEP Funding Ceases

FaHCSIA will not be funding Papulu Apparr-kari to deliver CDEP services beyond 30 June 2009.

This closes a major chapter in our development and committment to servicing the Indigenous people of the Barkly. CDEP has been a part of Papulu Apparr-kari for 13 years from 1996-2009. It is with some sadness we see this service cease, but as one door closes many others open and the granting of a three year funding agreement for our Language activities highlights that we are still a strong and viable organisation.

Despite being extremely successful in meeting all requirements, particulary those requiring the finding of full time employment for CDEP participants, FaHCSIA decided that a single provider was all that it required for service delivery in Tennant Creek. It would appear this was more important than actually analysing whether the program was successfully run.

We wish to thank all those participants who worked with us over the years and wish them all the best for the future.

Three Year Funding for Language Programs

Papulu Apparr-kari has just been granted triennial funding from the Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts (DEWHA), to take us through to 2012; which means we have some longer term stability to plan and impliment our programs for Language Maintenance, Revival and Restoration.

With the plans to use the Miromaa Language database program and our work in training language speakers with the Indigenous WRAP program the stability of three year funding means these types of longer term programs can progress with greater confidence and surety for success.

With this type of funding arrangement the ability to achieve quality outcomes increases considerably and we acknowledge the wisdom of the decision makers involved.

Language Workers Visit Sydney

Papulu Apparr-kari, The Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation(ALNF), The University of Western Sydney, and Tennant Creek High School are partnering to enable an Indigenous Language Leaning mentoring program to be run at Tennant Creek High School as part of the Stage 1 Community Studies Program. The program will see high school students work mentoring in developing language skills with primary school students focusing on the Warumungu and Warlmanpa languages.

As part of the development and planning for this to happen a group of ladies from Papulu Apparr-kari went to Sydney recently to meet with the ALNF and Unviversity people to establish the initial contacts and commence the detailed planning for this to occur. A trip to major east coast cities is a very rare experience for our ladies and the sharing of ideas and the imparting of cross cultural knowledge was a very successful and enlightning experience for all. It was also very important for the success of the project which will run in the second semester of 2009.


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